PharmBioTec GmbH


PharmBioTec GmbH is a GMP-certified company according to §14 AMG and is specialized in contract research. It provides high-quality services in the fields of pharmaceutical analytics, synthesis, research and development.

PharmBioTec was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Saarland University by 3 professors of Pharmacy (Hartmann, Müller and Lehr) in close cooperation with the Institute for Pharmaceutical and Medical Chemistry and the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research of Saarland. Accordingly, PharmBioTec can rely on several decades of experience in the fields of design, synthesis, biological testing, formulation and analysis of new drugs.

PharmBioTec offers a variety of models of biological barriers (gut, healthy and inflamed, skin and lung, upper and deep lung) in combination with novel deposition systems (e.g. VitroCell Dry Powder Chamber - developed in cooperation with PharmBioTec). In addition, pharmaceutical formulations and novel nanocarrier systems are being developed which, for example, allow targeted drug release at the target site and are also biodegradable.

The Analytics department deals with the analysis and quality control of active ingredients, excipients and finished drugs. The following methods are available at PharmBioTec: HPLC-UV, UV, IR, CE-SDS, CE, CE-MS, ultra high-resolution mass spectrometry, moisture determination in lyophilisates using Karl Fischer. In addition, rheological characterizations can be performed within the development of semi-solid and solid formulations (oscillating and rotating).

In an additional service PharmBioTec offers the synthesis of active substance molecules in small batches (up to 10 kg) according to customer specifications.