Saarland University - Institute of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technologyie

The research at the institute of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology headed by Prof. Dr. Marc Schneider is focusing on development, characterization and application of colloidal drug delivery systems.

In this context different carrier systems are used allowing to efficiently incorporate various drugs. For all delivery systems biodegradability and biocompatibility is a major concern. Hence the usage of biopolymers and the subsequent adaptation of preparation is important. The establishment of platform technologies based on such colloidal systems is one of the main objectives. Furthermore, the colloidal carriers and their load will be modified to suit the route of application (such as pulmonary, oral or buccal) and the respective biological barrier which needs to be overcome. Surface modification of the drug delivery systems as well as the adjustment of drug release are key properties which are addressed. Therefore, starting from the so-called platform technologies specific modifications allow adapting the carriers for specific problems.

Besides the technical aspects the interaction of the drug carrier systems with biological barriers and tissues is of interest. Standard toxicity testing in relevant cell culture systems is performed, but also the understanding of the penetration behavior in cells and also non-cellular barriers such as the pulmonary mucus is investigated. The effect of excipients and different particle properties on the mucus structure and the thus particle diffusion are under investigation to allow an improved design and treatment of pulmonary diseases.

For analysis sophisticated methods such as multiphoton microscopy and scanning probe microscopy are applied as well as the combination of different methods (correlative microscopy). These techniques allow visualization of the carriers but also the interaction with in vitro models.