Ursatec Verpackung GmbH

URSATEC stands for development and sales of microbiologically safeguarded dosing systems for preservative free application. The patented primary packaging systems have been used amongst others for liquid to semisolid medicinal products, medical devices and cosmetics for more than 20 years (e.g. for preservative free nasal sprays).

With conventional multi-dose systems, the outlet openings of the dosing units are not protected. Impurities and germs can unopposedly invade the container and the solution. Therefore, the contents of such containers must be adequately protected against microbiological deterioration by the addition of suitable preservatives. However, preservatives are harmful and suspected to cause irritations, allergic reactions and other side-effects. URSATEC’s microbiologically safeguarded dosing systems avoid the use of preservatives as due the special construction and inclusion of germ reducing components an uncompromised microbiological purity of the product is ensured, even after first opening.

As part of the ZIM-network „NanoPharm“ URSATEC can contribute its experience and knowledge in the fields of product development, microbiological product safety, sterile filling and sales as well as its competence with regard to pharmaceutical and sterilization validation procedures. Furthermore, as expert for microbiological safety URSATEC researches in the field of antimicrobial surfaces as e.g. by means of coating and additives for pharmaceutical plastics.