bitop AG

bitop AG focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of medical devices and high quality active ingredients for cosmetics. The technological base of bitop AG’s business are substances from the class of extremolytes, in particular the compound Ectoin®. Extremolytes are natural protective molecules that are formed by microorganisms and plants. bitop AG produces such extremolytes in an industrial scale in its own facility in Witten according to its proprietary biotechnological production processes. bitop AG has developed Ectoin®-containing medical devices for the symptomatic treatment of cough and cold, allergies, dry mucosa, inflammatory skin diseases and airway diseases. The marketing and sale of these medical devices is performed bylicensees from the pharmaceutical industry.

Currently, bitop’s medical devices are available in more than 40 countries worldwide. bitop´s research & development focuses on new applications of the current extremolytes in the health care sector and the establishment of new extremolytes.