CeraNovis GmbH

CeraNovis GmbH, based in Saarbrücken, is a young medium-sized enterprise. Our team of technicians and scientists is distinguished by long-year experience in the field of formulation and stabilization of particulate dispersions and high-performance coatings, mostly based on nanotechnological approaches.

Our products are established on the market and can be found as protective- or nonstick coatings for high-temperature and aerospace applications. Besides that we deal with customer-specific requirements and develop coating solutions for special applications which we accompany until the start-up of production.

Within the framework of the network, CeraNovis (as a specialist for production and formulation of particles and dispersions) will be involved with the production and stabilization of materials and material systems. We focus on inorganic materials but also bio-active systems such as iron oxide, apatites, phospholipids or liposomes are considered and can be stabilized  and emulsified in corresponding matrix systems (solvents and capsules). Those substances can also be covered with various types of sugars, silanes or other coupling agents. They can be processed and stabilized in basic pharmacological and biological systems.

CeraNovis uses special in-house know-how for dedicated up-scaling campaigns i.e. we can transform the production of lab scale amounts of systems from grams to several hundred kg up to the metric ton scale. We have  long-term experience in that field with suitable machinery and staff. Thus we offer our services to the network  to provide larger amounts  a material systems used and are ready for contracted formulation and dispersions.