inomat GmbH

inomat GmbH (founded in 2000) develops and produces functional coatings and binders on the basis of chemical nanotechnology. As a customer-orientated company we offer these directly to industrial customers at competitive prices.

"Working together with our customers we reach individualized system solutions."

This can be seen throughout the work process from demand specific development and guaranteed high quality production (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015), through to on-site-advice during the installation of the product.

Our customers benefit from the fact that inomat GmbH is based on non-risk capital, being privately owned. As such it carries out its own privately financed research and development in combination with bilateral R&D projects.

In May 2009 inomat bought a facility in Neunkirchen. 240 square meters of office and laboratory, a production plant of 525 square meters on an area of 2800 square meters in total. The production volume in 2015 was about 20 tons of product from our seven different product families ino®decor, ino®bond, ino®wool, ino®flex, ino®dur, ino®sil and ino®flamm, whereas “ino®” is the all-rights-reserved brand of inomat since 2002.