Medoderm GmbH

  "Through innovative research & development, we endeavour to learn from nature and to make nature's unique inventions usable in human wound treatment and cosmetic dermatology.

Medoderm GmbH was founded as a small company based in Mainz in 2010. We have made it our mission to develop innovative products from natural materials for the purpose of wound care, in close collaboration with our research and development team. We derive the natural substance chitin from the shell of Norwegian Arctic Sea shrimps. We use our own special refinement processes, to produce the bioactive substance Chitosan-FH02 in standardised quality, which forms the basis of our products.

Our aim is to help patients for the long term. There are still many people with various types of chronic wounds who are not receiving satisfactory and effective treatment and have little hope of returning to a normal life. The polyaminosaccharide Chitosan-FH02 stands for innovative treatment options and assists the healing of acute and chronic wounds in many different ways. In doing so, the various characteristics of Chitosan depend both on the amount of positive charges and the present molecular weight. With Chitosan-FH02, Medoderm has optimised these extraordinary characteristics and plans to use them further to treat different types of problem wounds.

Through continuous research and development and in cooperation with network partners, we are working on developing additional treatment-oriented and patient-oriented wound healing products based on Chitosan-FH02.