MJR PharmJet GmbH

Nanotechnology enables new avenues for the life sciences using nanoscaled particles and/or nano-structured surfaces. It leads to nonexistent opportunities particularly for drug transport, in-vivo diagnostics, medical implant and innovative therapeutic concepts.

Improving the effectiveness of drugs, improved formulations, the design and production of novel, superior drug delivery systems are focus of our technology platform.

And yet, the use of Micro Reactor is not limited with pharmaceutical industry but is also applicable in the field of cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Preparations of nanoparticles with traditional methods are usually time-consuming and in a technical environment they can be only moderately controlled. Nano- and microparticle production with the innovative, patented Micro Reactor is, however, easily controllable for all technical and physicochemical parameters, and also efficient and cost effective to implement in large production scales. The continuous process of the Micro Reactor provides distinct advantages for an unlimited industrial scale up. On the other hand, a fully automated system which is able to run different experimental designs stand alone is recently developed by MJR PharmJet for fast and efficient screening and optimization of highly specialized formulations using “Quality-by-Design (QbD)” approach.

Since Micro Reactor allows preparation of a variety of different particle preparation techniques, almost all of which follows bottom-up approaches, the system can be employed for scale-up and validation of a versatility of particle preparations.

Additionally,Micro Reactor-production equipment which fulfils very high quality requirements of the GMP production has been already established. MJR PharmJet, as a partner, offers following tasks in the development of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food supplements:

-    Particle based drug delivery systems and drug targeting
-    Particle technologies screening studies for NCEs
-    Particles (systems) for in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostics, medicinal product applications
-    Development of encapsulation systems for taste/smell masking
-    Method transfers of particle preparations for scale-up
-    Transfer of the Micro Reactor process in GMP environment
-    GMP production of clinical (test) material
-    Stability studies