PHAST is one of the world’s leading service providers in the field of the pharmaceutical product quality for the international research-based pharmaceutical industry. In addition PHAST provides pharmaceutical and scientific services, modern drug development and the management of the supply chain of investigational medicinal products (IMPs/CTS).
As part of the analytic method development PHAST simulates the human physiological processes. The result enables PHAST to achieve a superior analytic evaluation and highquality prediction for the “bioperformance” of the drug product.
As a "USP Authorized Distributor" PHAST is the preferred partner for the distribution of reference standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Reference standards are required as a benchmark in pharmaceutical analytical methods.
PHAST has sites in Homburg, Konstanz, Sulz (CH) and Robion (F), with a total of 6000 sqm of laboratory area.

As a 100% subsidiary, PHAST Development also supports the international pharmaceutical industry with the development and quality control of modern drug products at the Konstanz site. In the specially designed centers of excellence PHAST develops and validates biorelevant dissolution techniques and investigates the performance of aerosol dosage forms.
Furthermore PHAST Development provides the development of particle characterization methods and provides specifications as well as the structural elucidation.PHAST uses the latest technology, like scanning electron microscopes (SEM/REM) and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopes (NMR). The existing expertise and skills enables PHAST to achieve the highest quality and flexibility. All laboratories have been successfully GMP (FDA) certified for the customer confirmation of the highest quality standard offered by PHAST internationally.