Viktoria Apotheke

Based in Saarbrücken, The Viktoria Pharmacy is one of the leading producers of compound medication in Germany. For many years we have been proudly supplying medical and alternative practitioners, clinics and patients with prescription formulations made in our own specially designed sterile laboratory.
Our extensive range of products include Injection Solutions of Amino Acids, B-Vitamins, C-Vitamins and antioxidants.
The establishment of a strong synergy between The Viktoria Pharmacy and subsidiary company Topmedicare GmbH has successfully combined pharmaceutical competence with manufacture.
The compounding of cytostatic drugs and antibodies as well as nutritional solutions make up large proportion of our business. As a partner of ZIM we are able to offer access to a wide Network of therapeutical professionals and enable easy access to this market.
We are also a reliable partner for the development and manufacture of injections and infusions, quantity is no barrier when making an order with us.