Gaplast Gesellschaft für Kunststoffverarbeitung mbH

Wide Range of Services - Synergy of Competencies

Gaplast is working as a producer, developer and service provider for the pharmaceutical primary packaging, medical device and cosmetic industry. Using the synergy of the skills of our 200 colleagues, Gaplast is able to cover a high manufacturing integration from the first steps of development and prototyping through to serial production.

Product Engineering

“novel solutions in plastics” –
This is shown, amongst others, by our numerous patents, which did result in a TOP 100 award in the year 2006. Approximately 15% of our team is working in the product engineering process, which is also linked to your quality assurance department.
The in-house tool manufacturing enables a rapid implementation of new ideas in prototype or serial tools. Further steps, such as mounting units, are realized in the inhouse special purpose machinery department, even including SPS programming.

Product Manufacturing Technologies

Gaplast has been a partner of the pharmaceutical industry for more than 40 years, offering to the industry packaging and device solutions for the application of single, multi and metered doses for liquids, semisolids and solids.
The product design results not only in singular pieces, but also in complex systems, even produced and assembled within ISO 8 clean room conditions.
Therefore, quality is a key feature of our work and affects all areas of our company. The certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 has been a standard at Gaplast since as early as 1994.

  • injection moulding
  • injection blow moulding
  • extrusion blow moulding
  • multilayer extrusion blow moulding

The production lines are individually designed by Gaplast according to the requirements of the product and often even built in-house.